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        SSD is a small shop specializing in all the things you want for your project, but can't seem to find pre-fabricated from larger manufacturers.  Everything from carbon and widened body parts for your race car to hand-made A/V systems and interiors, SS Designs handles all types of vehicles with varying build needs.  Initially specializing in only competition audio and show vehicles, over the past half-decade, we have turned our eye toward the sport racing segment.  Functional carbon aero pieces, "LM" widebodies, and brake cooling systems are all available with proven track results from SSD.


    What started with an old Malibu and a 1/4 mile track 20+ years ago, has turned out multiple show winning vehicles over the years.  Currently, we are experimenting with the FIAT 500 at NASA Mid-Atlantic and WDCR-SCCA events.  Check our events page to find out where we will be for future events. We invite you to browse the gallery section as it is constantly being updated.  Cheers!

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